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Robert Hudson has been associated with musical acts for 50 plus years being both a performer and booking agent. He has amassed numerous contacts in the fields of recording, booking and performance. Hudson Musical Enterprises is currently booking shows for the followig artists.
Please contact him at (919) 618-8415.

The Pagan Hellcats come together as a band dedicated to enjoying the making of original music that sticks in your head and maybe your heart, music you go home humming and hearing for many days thereafter. Their musical roots are as eclectic as the origins of the 6 players in the band - New York City, Chicago, Louisiana, NC, SC and Nebraska. The songs reflect traces of rock and roll, country blues, soul, alt-country, jazz, and even the American Songbook. Their vocal harmonies weave songs that tell stories of love, politics, and the human ego with lyrics that appreciate irony, satire, and the unexpected.

The Doug Prescott Band's newest CD, "Let's Do Something Dangerous", is available from the usual outlets now.
The band started in 1996 as a musical project between friends. Now, its an evolving group of up to eight people who create Americana tunes. Frontman Doug Prescott got started in music when he picked up a trumpet in the fourth grade. Songwriting came naturally to him, and it has been a lifelong passion.
He is a voting member of the Grammys, and says the massive organization is rife with issues stemming from a divide between independent musicians and record label-backed mainstream artists. Still, he says, the people he has met through the Grammys — like his friend Ricky Kej, who mastered the band’s previous album “One World” — make up for the organization’s ethical shortcomings.
From an interview with Frank Statio on WUNC-FM's The State of Things.

This is truly an Americana band, with a root of blues rock, with influences from Little Feat to The Neville Brothers, and from The Eagles to The Mavericks.


Rainbow Cabbage & The Kings are GLocal* Musicians playing a BiCoastal Fusion of ROCK ‘N’ ROLL. Spiced with California Country (ala Eagles), Classic Southern Rock and a hint of Big Brother & The Holding Company....with a touch of Henri Mancini!
Big Guitars, Big Voice, Awesome Bass, Great Drumming. Performing All Original Songs of Stunning Lyrical content, both Haunting, Grooving and Real.

* Globally Conscious and Locally Proactive

Rooster Logic plays a fun, funky, and rocking blend of original songs and choice covers, mixing together the sounds of Memphis soul, garage pop, the blues, and rock ‘n’ roll into a crisp, tight sound full of lush harmonies, clever lyrics, and pop hooks. It’s all about the songs, and their vocally rich, versatile sound, frequently takes them in odd directions, as they follow their own brand of logic. You might find yourself singing along, or even dancing!

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