"Country Bob" Peedin - 2002

"Country Bob" Peedin - Country Singer/Songwriter

When I was a kid I remember watching all the bands that played on the Ed Sullivan Show and American Bandstand and thinking to myself "I want to do that!"  In 1974 I got my first opportunity.

In the seventies there was some amazing music being created by some equally amazing musicians and songwriters in Chapel Hill and Durham, North Carolina. I was fortunate enough to have gone to the same high school as the members of (in my opinion) one of the best bands at that time, Bro. T. Holla. So, I started hanging out with these guys and going to the shows and eventually finagled my way into being there soundman. One day at a rehersal I told the guys I had written a song I would like to do if they thought it was good enough to do at a show. I got to sing on stage for the first time at the old Cat's Cradle in 1974. There are not words to describe the wonderful feeling of performing one of your own tunes in front of an audience and getting a great response. I will for ever be grateful to: Dwight Little, Ronnie Parks, David Weaver, Jimmy Weaver and Jim Mitchel for a moment in my life I will always cherish and never forget. To this day Dwight and Ronnie still play a vital part in my music. If the songs I write do touch anyone on any level their influence and support is big reason why.

Early in 1978 a singer named Ed Terry, who was signed to Arthur Smith's record company, was looking for a song to record. He had heard us play a song of mine at a club called the Town Hall in Chapel Hill. Ed liked what he heard and talked Arthur Smith into letting him record I Just Go to the Movies. The song got a little airplay around North Carolina, but fizzled out pretty quickly. But that was OK I'd gotten a taste of what it was like to hear my music on the radio. It was great; even it wasn't me doing the singing.

I moved to Nashville, TN in September of 1978 with visions of being a star. Well that obviously didn't happen, but I would not trade the experience and adventure of trying to make a go of it in Music City, USA.

After Nashville I stopped writing for about 10 years. Got married, got divorced and eventually worked my way back to North Carolina in 1998. Currently I am working with what I believe is the best group of musical talent I have ever had the honor of working with. Hopefully we will produce a CD in the very near future and bring you some good music for listening pleasure.

I wish you Peace and Prosperity, and may the good Lord take a like'n to you!

-"Country Bob" Peedin

If like you can contact me at tarheelbob@mindspring.com

"Country Bob" Peedin - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Ronnie Parks - Electric Guitar, Vocals
Dwight Little - Electric Bass, Vocals
Doug Norton - Keyboards
Shawn Aldridge - Mandolin, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Shannon Dancy- Vocals, Percussion
Robert Hudson - Drums, Vocals


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