Hudson Web Services

The Shady Grove Band

Hudson Web Services, Ltd.
provides website design and site maintenance
for organizations, small businesses and individuals.  We began in the early
90's with our site for Young People's Performing Company.  Since that
time we have designed/maintained sites for clients including:

Site Design & Maintenance:
   Brenda Linton - Singer/Songwriter
   Charles Pettee - Singer/Songwriter and Educational Programs
   Danny Potter - Singer/Songwriter
   John Hostetter - Painter/Musician
   JoRobby Designs - Graphic Design Artist
   NC Choices for Youth - Helping young people choose paths of peace and service                                          rather than violence and force
   Robert Hudson - Percussionist, Web Designer and Graphic Artist
   The Foundation for Aging Studies and Exercise Science Research
   The Pirates - Rock & Roll From New Smyrna Beach, FL
   The Shady Grove Band - One of North Carolina's Musical Treasures
   Young Peoples Performing Company - Youth Theatre in Durham NC

Site Maintenance:

* FolkPsalm - Putting the Psalms to Bluegrass (the way the Hebrews intended)
* Rubber Room Studio - Recording, Mixing & Mastering Since 1996

* Site design by tadpole DESIGNS

Please email us at robert "AT" roberthudson DOT org
       Due to the prevalence of online hackers, the
       address is displayed the way it sounds.


...of more importance is this: I REALLY appreciate your conscientiousness, and care and attention. You make me feel like I have an ally, or something. It's really quite moving to me. In my 25 years of self employment, I have seen so many "agents" and, now, "webmasters" that basically just have always left me hanging in one way or another. I've gotten used to doing it myself, or simply not doing it at all. I have come to be a bit cynical, with low expectations. You have come seemingly from nowhere, and are really making an important difference in the vital area of presence-on-the-internet. This is such a help to me. I thank you sincerely.          later, charles

      Charles Pettee -