Michael Kelch & Friends - 1986 to 1988

Michael Kelsh - Singer/Songwriter

I asked Michael to send me some bio info for this site. Here is the email I got back.

hey robert - so good to hear from you. hope all is well. can you get something off of my website- www.michaelkelsh.com? here's a story: when i was 15, i used to sneak into the ratskellar in greenville, nc to see robert w/ heartwood, who were nc's best country rock band, and one of the best on the east coast. their harmonies were totally original, songs heartfelt and inspirational, and presence on stage glorious. one day, years later, as i was playing for tips on a street corner in chapel hill, nc, a grinning robert hudson threw a dollar into my guitar case, and at my pleading casually walked over to his car 10 ft. away, pulled out a conga and played w/ me for a good hour or so. one of those golden moments. we later played in about fifty different incarnations, w/ tim hildebrandt, who was heartwood's songwriting god; w/ taz halloween, w/ lisa jo tuchek, w/ barney pilgrim, etc. many more stories to come- kelsh

Michael has a teriffic new CD out, "Well of Mercy", co-produced by Rodney Crowell.  He has a host of great Nashville studio musicians, including Rusty Young of Poco fame, backing him up.  You can learn more about Michael and purchase the CD at Michael's website.

"Highway Angels" was recorded by the following musicians in 1988.

Michael Kelsh - Acoustic Guitar, Lap Steel Guitar, Vocals
Tim Hildebrandt - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Barney Pilgrim - Fiddle, Mandolin, Vocals
Robert Hudson - Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Listen to "Highway Angles" from the "Ghost Dance" cassette recorded in 1988.  

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