Rainbow Cabbage and The Kings  

Rainbow Cabbage and The Kings

Are GLocal* Musicians playing a BiCoastal Fusion of

Spiced with California Country (ala Eagles), Classic Southern Rock and a hint of Big Brother & The Holding Company ....with a touch of Henri Mancini!

Big Guitar, Big Voice, Awesome Bass, Great Drumming and 3 Beautiful Back Up Singers that Harmonize like Tweety Birds. Performing All Original Songs of Stunning Lyrical content, both Haunting, Grooving and Real.

* Globally Conscious and Locally Proactive

Hear Rainbow singing her song Daylight.

And here is Rainbow singing her song Are You Bad For Me.

Upcoming Shows

Saturday, August 3rd Hillsborough, NC Private event
Friday, September 27th
Carolina Brewery
120 Lowes Dr.
Pittsboro, NC
Outdoor Patio Music Series
Friday, October 4th
Nash Streeet Tavern
250 S. Nash Street
Hillsborough, NC




Band Photos by Kevin Boxell

Rockin' The World

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