Tim Stambaugh Band - 1990 to 1993

The Tim Stambaugh Band in concert

The Tim Stambaugh Band in concert


Another Chapel Hill band, this was a country/bluegrass band.  The Tim Stambaugh Band played the Triangle area while we were together and also toured in and around Frankfort, Germany for 2 1/2 weeks in the summer of 1992.  We recorded one cassette "Russian Blue".

Tim Stanbaugh - Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Lead Vocals
DonWright - Banjo, Mandolin, Acoustic Guitar
Rex Maggee - Fiddle, Mandolin
John Currie - Electric Guitar
Stu Cole - Acoustic Bass, Vocals
Robert Hudson - Drums, Vocals

Visit Tim's new website at: http://www.timstambaugh.com

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Listen to "Across The Floor" from the "Russian Blue" cassette recorded in 1991.

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