Warm - 1970 to 1972

The audiences wanted us to play like this.  Yeah, Right!

Folk Rock and Originals

Warm - Innovative, Versatile, Evolving

Their sound is as honest as their country tradition with a musical sophistication beyond their years.  Warm - Brenda Linton, Steve Davis, Donnie Brooks and Robert Hudson - is that rare commodity on the Pop Music scene - vital and innovative without resorting to gimmickry and theatrics.

Warm travels the depth and breadth of musical experience.  With each performance Warm takes you down many musical roads.  As their incredibly beautiful, hand-made, country songs mirror the dirt trails of the rural South, their feel for the jazz, rock and blues of the Asphalt City is just as sure.

With over 180 performances in the first eight months of 1970, the Warm reputation has grown from a devoted college underground following to that of a campus attraction. Campus reviewers and critics are writing glowingly of their music and performances.  Record releases are forthcoming.

Brenda Linton, Steve Davis, Donnie Brooks and Robert Hudson are equally vital and contributing members of Warm.  As individuals, they are superb lead vocalists; together, their harmony takes on an added dimension.  Brenda Linton, from Washington, NC, plays piano, bells and harpsichord, covering a wide range of musical emotions from ballad to funk; Steve Davis, McLean, Va., formerly a music major, plays guitar,flute and drums; Donnie Brooks, Harkers Island, NC, is a highly original songwriter and bass guitarist; Robert Hudson, displaying equal insight as a songwriter plays guitar and drums.

                                                       From a promotional brochure

Based in Greenville, NC, Warm was one of North Carolina's first Folk Rock bands.   Warm played throughout the South and released one single, "My Mary", written by Donnie Brooks. We were fortunate to be the opening act for the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band on two occasions. We also opened for Rare Earth, The Happenings, and Uriah Heep.  The band consisted of the six members in the picture on the left for about six months and then changed to the personnel in the second picture.

Stephen Davis - Lead Guitar, Flute, Drums, Vocals
Brenda Linton - Keyboards, Vocals
Donnie Brooks - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Robert Hudson - Drums, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Danny Potaire - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Kitty Cobis - Vocals, Percussion
Linda Stoffel - Vocals, Percussion

Where Are They Now?

Danny Potaire and his wife have recently moved to Nashville, TN.  He released a fine CD in 1999 which has some of Nashville's hottest studio musicians backing him up.  

Brenda Linton lives in Pittsboro, NC and teaches voice and piano and is very involved with a youth theatre company.  Click here to go to Brenda's Website.

Last time I saw Kitty Cobis West, she was living in Burlington, NC.  I recently heard from Kitty after she stumbled onto this website late one night.  She enclosed the following picture of her playing in concert with Arlo Guthrie at Carnegie Hall in New York City on November 24, 2001 - way to go Kitty!  

                                Photo by Regina Faith Claeys

Stephen Davis lives in Brooksville, Florida with his wife Sue. They have two children. Steve works as a massage therapist and still finds time to play guitar and flute and write songs.

Donnie Brooks lives on Harkers Island.

I've lost touch with Linda Stoffel, so if you see this Linda, please email me and let me know what you're doing.

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